Vinyl & PVC Flooring

ALAQSA CARPETS offers the perfect CARPETS AND FLOOR COVERINGS for offices and commercial areas,homes,mosque etc at assured CHEAPEST price in the market.

Wood Vinyl Flooring now only from RM2.60/sqft!

Owing to our in-depth domain expertise, we are offering a premium quality Wooden VINYL Floorings.You’ll find vinyl wood flooring in the most popular wood species, like hickory, oak, pine, and maple. Our wood vinyl flooring is so realistic, your guests will do a double-take when you tell them that it’s vinyl. Kami membekal dan memasang Lantai Kayu Vinyl di semenanjung Malaysia.. Keunggulan Lantai Kayu Vinyl Kami : – Terlihat Lebih High Class – Real Tekstur – Tidak bergelombang ( rapi) – Tidak pecah kalau diketuk atau dibengkokan – Boleh Tahan Panas – Tahan Air dan Cairan Kimia – Perawatan mudah and long lasting – Harga lebih murah dari kompetitor lain, dengan kualiti dan bahan lebih bagus.


Wooden Flooring offered by us is widely demanded by clients.These Wood Finish Vinyl Floorings is ideal for homes, shopping complexes computer rooms, gym areas, school rooms, telephone exchange, research center, quality control labs, control rooms and business offices etc. Our range is widely appreciated due to its longer durability, smooth texture, fine finish and excellent quality.

Wood Vinyl 2MM

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Material Type: Vinyl | Weight: 5.5 lb. | Thickness: 2 mm | | Plank Size: 6” x 36” | Packing: 24 pcs/box (36sqft) |

Wood Vinyl 3MM

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Material Type: Vinyl Polyurethane| Weight: 7.5 lb. | Thickness: 3 mm | Plank Size: 6” x 36” | Packing: 24 pcs/box (36sqft) | Origin: Korea

Wood Vinyl BVT 1.5MM


NEW HOMOGENEOUS VINYL SHEET FLOORING ONLY FROM RM2.75/SQFT Alaqsa Carpets homogeneous sheet flooring offers a spectrum of colours that provide a clean, fresh appearance; assist in way finding; and create comfortable, engaging spaces. Homogeneous vinyl is made of 1 single layer that offers vibrancy and depth of colour. It is incredibly durable and stain resistant which makes it a great flooring choice for heavy traffic areas. Alaqsa Carpets presents its new homogeneous sheet flooring which is produced with the latest technology and offers striking floor designs. * Durability, low maintenance and versatility. * Broad palette of coordinating colors and patterns * Solid, homogeneous construction that sustains color and pattern throughout

Vinyl Staircase – Tangga Lantai Kayu

STAIRCASE CARPETS AT CHEAPEST PRICE – KARPET TANGGA MURAH MURAH! Either going up or down our your stairs, our wood vinyl staircase carpets will make your way comfortable and elegant. Cheapest in town! Starting from just RM2250/supply and install ( 22steps + 2platforms) Karpet Lantai Kayu Vinyl untuk tangga atau lebih sering disebut staircase vinyl adalah karpet yang dipasang untuk melapisi anak tangga di rumah atau di tempat kerja. Karpet Lantai Kayu Vinyl ini sering dipasang untuk memperindah interior dalam rumah dan memberikan keselesaan saat menuruni dan menaiki anak tangga.

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  • While Stock Lasts Only
  • Minimum 500 Sqft
  • Supply and Install only for Klang Valley.

How to fix Wood Vinyl DIY-Cara Pasang lantai Kayu @ RM2.60/sqft

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